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Mission Statement: Elevation Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on reducing suicide, bullying, and depression by uniting humans to collectively solve issues and showing every individual their life is worth fighting for.



Elevation Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on reducing suicide, bullying and depression by uniting humans to collectively solve issues and showing every individual their life is worth fighting for.



There are amazing nonprofits that are working to end suicide in various ways. Today, we have suicide hotlines, and other resources that provide help to those who are dealing with suicidal thoughts. However, the problem remains that people are not always aware of the resources available and what makes it worse is the negative stigma prevents people from seeking help or even talking to others. Elevation Society wants to advocate and educate, while also working to stop the issue at the root. The following three activities/programs focus on eliminating the feeling of hopelessness while showing individuals their value and helping people see they are not alone.



Elevation Society curates unique, fun events that focus on creating safe spaces and showing people their life matters. Previous events involved painting in the park, bonfires, teaching Krav Maga, meditation, round table talks and about 26 other unique events. Yet all of them have helped build communities, support systems and fostered real meaningful conversations allowing people to see they are not alone.



Through speaking opportunities and original unique content, Elevation Society works to educate and increase awareness on suicide prevention. There are strands of influence from personal experiences, and research that help people understand:

  1. They are not alone.

  2. What the available resources are.

  3. What we can do as a society to help end suicides



Elevation Society provides content, challenges and reminders that empower individuals to take control of their own life. The community unites warriors and inspires readers to never give up. There are weekly research infused post that share innovative mindful positive thinking techniques. The community is also a place where those who are on a mission to end suicides can learn more about what can be done. 



Elevation Society focuses on meeting people exactly where they are by focusing on the following three areas.

  1. Showing people they are not alone.

    • There is a negative stigma that causes people to suffer in silence, which is why Elevation Society’s events are centered around creating a safe space and starting the conversation around emotions, feelings and taking care of one's mental health. There is immense power in knowing you are not alone. Helping to provide support systems that increases understanding and comfort to those who are dealing with similar obstacles may help create hope and unity in a broken community.

  2. Helping people see their life has meaning.

    • Elevation Society builds events which allow the participants to see the power to make a difference, the power of change, lies in their hands. Oftentimes, when people are able to see their life in action and feel the difference they are making it helps people understand their life has purpose. From community events where volunteers help those who are often underserved or forgotten by society, to opportunities that allow people to build from what they are passionate about, Elevation focuses on showing everyone their life has meaning.

  3. Uniting people to build together.

    • Unfortunately, many of us, if not all have been affected by suicide. Whether we have lost someone to suicide or experienced suicidal thoughts ourselves, it is an issue all across the world. Elevation Society allows individuals to use those experiences to transform pain into purpose. Elevation works to unite and build a unique community composed of people who are passionate about saving lives. Through events centered around thought-provoking discussions and strategic planning, Elevation offers everyone the opportunity to be a part of the solution in the fight towards ending suicides.