Suicide Prevention Advocates

Want to save lives? Want to get involved in charity opportunities focused on preventing suicides and bullying? Elevation Society is looking for advocates who are on a mission to make this world a better place.



Let your voice be heard and your life be impactful. It's time to let every human being know they are not alone and that their life matters. Join us in empowering individuals across the globe.


social ambassador 

We would love if you join us in spreading awareness and help create a community centered around revolutionizing the way we live. Becoming a part of our social ambassador program allows you to inspire individuals to live life to the fullest and empower people to see their full potential. To find out more enter your email address and a representative will contact you. 


campus representative

Bring Elevation Society to your University, High School or even Middle School. Join our campus representative program which allows you to leave a lasting impact on your school, your life and this world. 

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We strongly believe every trial, obstacle, tribulation you go through is a way to connect and help other people. We would love for you to share your stories, or experiences with those who may be in your shoes. Find out more about our community here.