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Find out more about the after school program that is working to end suicides by helping students find their meaning.

After School Program

 Elevation Society curated a school club that allows students to collaborate to create viable solutions to societal issues. Issues ranging from homelessness to ending domestic violence and everything in between. The program offers mentorships and resources to help students leave their unique mark on the world. The semester long program focuses on discussing what is wrong with this world, and what can we do about it. Throughout the program students will be able to put on events, PSA's, social viral movements, and so much more. We work to foster an environment that provides the students creative control in how they can make a difference, and most importantly see their life has meaning, importance, power and purpose. 

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According to Times, Depression amongst High school students is drastically increasing. Los Angeles Unified, tallied more than 5,000 incidents of suicidal behavior in 2015 compared to 255 in 2010. A National Center for Educational Statistics 2016 study reports, roughly 1 out of 5 high school students are bullied, and at least 70.4% of students have witnessed bullying in school. Furthermore, suicide is the second leading cause of death among 10 - 24 year olds. School teaches students about the pythagorean theorem and paradoxes yet there is not a course on supplying students with understanding their worth.  This is a program that teaches students the value of their life.

Elevation Society Teaches Students



During the semester students learn how to effectively articulate their vision and how to bring it to life. Students are also taught effective time management skills, strategic thinking and how to properly delegate.


problem solving skills

In the beginning, students choose societal issues they are most passionate about and then create solutions. Through the semester students are given tools to further enhance their research skills and creativity.


team work

Within 4 months around 20 students work together to create 4-5 events a semester. Students are taught how to work with their strengths and weaknesses, the power of consistency, and the ability to empower their peers. 



By the end of the semester students are able to analyze the impact they made. Throughout the semester students will have a team of mentors who have started their own nonprofits to answer any questions along the way. 

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