Upcoming Elevation Society Events

This year Elevation Society is curating really cool events that will bring together people from all various walks of life. Our goal is to create unique fun experiences that enlighten individuals, while also sparking the conversation of the importance of taking care of ones mental health. We are committed to building safe, loving supportive environments where people are free to be themselves and learn more about who they are.

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Feed the Hungry & Feed your Soul!

In New York it is estimated that over 2.3 million people are struggling with hunger. We want to put an end to that. On July 22nd we will be hitting the streets of Harlem to pass out food and drinks to those in need. Join us as we spread love, inspiration and food. It is time to be a part of the solution, it is time to make a difference. 

Upon confirmation you will additional information including directions. 

Later Event: August 12
Mindfulness Meditation