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Learn about previous Elevation Events and how this Los Angeles nonprofit is making this world a better place.


Previous Events

We have had some really fun unique events in the past.

Check out some of recent favorite ones below.


Round Table Talk

On World Suicide Prevention Day we hosted a round table talk where people could come find out how they could be a part of the solution. We focused on how we could bring awareness to an issue that is taking many lives. We paid tribute to all those we have lost to suicide, shared our own experiences and built on ideas of how we can help others.

Check out our previous Round Table Series here.

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Freedom of Expression Event

Elevation Society hosted an event centered around freedom of expression through the medium of art. We provided art supplies for people to create, paint, and sculpt. With the primary goal of building a safe space, empowering others, and using our lives, hardships and stories as inspiration.


Mindfulness Meditation

Elevation Society teamed up with The Lilspace App to host a mindfulness meditation event. Life Coach/ Author Andrea Michal taught the basics of mindfulness meditation. We connected with the beauty that surrounds us in nature and practiced the art of journaling together.


Help Harlem

In New York it is estimated that over 2.3 million people are struggling with hunger. We want to put an end to that. We teamed up with Whole Foods to create lunches. We hit the streets of Harlem to pass out food and drinks to those in need. That afternoon we shared love, inspiration and food.


The Will to Live Screening

Elevation Society sponsored the Bill Coors: Will To Live Documentary in The Moving Parts Film Festival in Los Angeles. The amazing documentary was followed by a Q & A were we opened the door to discuss what we can do to help prevent suicides.


Be Free Bonfire

Sometimes, we are unaware of pieces of our past that we are unconsciously holding onto. Elevation hosted a therapeutic release on the beach with s'mores.  People shared stories and lessons learned to help complete strangers, and released issues that have been holding them back from their full potential.


A Dose of Yoga

“Yoga is a mind-body exercise or series of poses that focus the attention inward. Yoga forces us to be present and control our breathing. Consciously working on our breathing can slow heart rate, reduce stress and quite the mind.” - Clair Fountain

We hosted a yoga class at the Brooklyn Bridge Park taught by the amazing Shantelle Blackwell (@gorjusshan).


Female Empowerment Event

Elevation Society hosted a female empowerment event where women from all different walks of life came together to talk about how we could end violence towards women. We brought in instructors from Alliance Culver City to teach various women along with young girls who had been saved from sex trafficking the basics to self defense through Krav Maga. The women and young girls left empowered and fearless.


Know Your Rights

Elevation Society teamed up with The Williams Law Group to bring in Lawyers and Police Officers to an underserved youth center in Miami. The event educated the students about their fundamental rights, while building connections with the students and uniting the community.