Round Table Series


Round Table Series

Elevation Society has started a round table talk series where people from all different walks of life are able to come together and join in on the conversation on what we can do to prevent suicides. Many of us have been affected by suicide, some of us have lost someone, while some of us have battled with suicidal thoughts. Oftentimes through it all, many of us feel alone, confused, and question where we went wrong. We wanted to do something to counteract those feelings.

Through the round table talks we focus on hosting real conversations and fostering opportunities to take our negative experiences and start building real solutions. These events allow us to break stigmas, while openly talking about uncomfortable yet necessary conversations that society has often pushed us away from. People no longer have to feel alone because we create safe spaces where people can come just as they are without fear of being judged.

Below are brief overviews from our series.





This round table talk we learned:

  • Things that helped those who battled suicidal thoughts -

    • Be of service to others.

    • Get out of your room, get out of the house, get out of your head, get fresh air, get sunlight.

    • Walk things through and thoroughly think things through.

    • Seek professional help.

      • It is okay to visit different therapist until you find the right one for you.

  • Things we can do as a society -

    • Be straightforward and ask questions

    • Make mental healthcare in America a priority, just as much as physical health when it comes to insurance coverage.

    • Educate the public of resources and their options.



This round table talk we learned:

  • The importance of community

    • Be that one person who asks what’s wrong when you see even a stranger upset.

    • Reach out to people, check in with friends.

      • Make an effort, set dates and try to stick to them

  • Work on the education system

    • Introduce mental health education so young people can better understand.

  • Start a social movement

    • Instead of posting perfectly edited images post real honest pieces.

  • Understand the power you have

    • Do not be afraid to have the tough conversations.

  • Be less self focused yet also introspective.

  • Create real educational inspiring content (for kids it can be cartoons) that makes the subject of mental health easier to understand, and a way to take a society deemed “unattractive” topic and normalize it.