How we can end suicides - Elevation Society Nonprofit

Find out more about the charity Elevation Society and their unique strategy and approach to suicide prevention.



Elevation Society is taking an innovative approach in how we prevent suicides. Our goal is to work on preventing suicides at the root before they even reach their threshold where suicide appears as their only option. Because suicide is the second leading cause of death among those who are 15-44, Elevation caters their program and activities towards their target demographic. Oftentimes people, especially young people do not want to be associated with mental illness based off of the negative stigma infiltrated in society. Therefore Elevation works to promote mental health while destigmatizing the detrimental idea of mental illness and acknowledging the notion that is okay not to always be okay.

Furthermore, one’s life can start to spiral out of control spontaneously, so even though they may not be diagnosed by a clinical psychologist as someone who is suffering from clinical depression they might develop continuous feelings of hopelessness at any given moment. Studies indicate that 90% of those who commit suicide were dealing with a mental illness at the time. Depression is stated to be one of the highest risk factor when it comes to suicides. According to the National Network of Depression Centers only 33% of those who are dealing with depression actively seek proper treatment.  That is the root behind why we take a careful approach with our events and focus on meeting people where they are.


WE ARE NOT alone.

There is a negative stigma that causes people to suffer in silence, which is why Elevation Society’s events are centered around creating a safe space and starting the conversation around emotions, feelings and taking care of one's mental health. There is immense power in knowing you are not alone. Helping to provide support systems that increases understanding and comfort to those who are dealing with similar obstacles may help create hope and unity in a broken community.



Elevation Society builds events which allow the participants to see the power to make a difference, the power of change, lies in their hands. Oftentimes, when people are able to see their life in action and feel the difference they are making it helps people understand their life has purpose. From community events where volunteers help those who are often underserved or forgotten by society, to opportunities that allow people to build from what they are passionate about, Elevation focuses on showing everyone their life has meaning.


Unite & Build Together

Unfortunately, many of us, if not all have been affected by suicide. Whether we have lost someone to suicide or experienced suicidal thoughts ourselves, it is an issue all across the world. Elevation Society allows individuals to use those experiences to transform pain into purpose. Elevation works to unite and build a unique community composed of people who are passionate about saving lives. Through events centered around thought-provoking discussions and strategic planning, Elevation offers everyone the opportunity to be a part of the solution in the fight towards ending suicides.