You Matter Series

Do you feel lost, confused, hopeless, depressed? You are loved, you are filled with purpose and you are not alone. Read more of why you are worth fighting for. 

Why You Are Worth Fighting For



Hello beautiful stranger,

I may not know your name, your eye color, what makes you smile or honestly any detail that composes you, but I do know that you are worth fighting for.

I know that even when you have started to create rock bottom as your new home, you are worth fighting for. I know that when you feel hopelessness and darkness morphing with your comfort zone you are still worth fighting for. Trust me I understand life seems unbearable at times, and fair is a word this world can not even comprehend.  

I know how you feel when your life is shattered glass and putting yourself together seems like an impossible task that only causes more pain. 

None of us are immune to pain. It’s a million times easier to stay down then it is to get back up and fight.

But understand these times when we feel as though we are literally going to break is creating us into a masterpiece. A carefully curated unique piece of artistic genius intertwined with complex components that tells a story.

You are given this gift called life and sometimes it may resemble more of a burden than a blessing, but it is yours. It is worth fighting for, you are worth fighting for. You matter! Every one of us has a purpose, and often times these obstacles as much as we hate them help us find our purpose.

Whatever your religious belief understand you were created. Think about that for a second, whether you believe in God or the universe everything about you was carefully curated. You have meaning. You are destined to be something.

Life is sewn together with highs and lows but that is the beauty of it. You may not know where you are going and may have lost sight of who you are and that is okay. You are not alone. But no matter what do not give up on yourself. Please understand that you are and always will be worth fighting for.